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greg harris

greg greg is a talented photographer with a keen eye for form and geometry which he combines with the ability to capture a moment. for that reason, he is mostly found shooting, but on occasion, editing too. visit greg's figment gallery here

jay hagenbuch

jay jay also spends most of his time shooting, but will pitch in with editing when needed. at least half of his time with the real time art show is spent on capturing portraits of the people around, both artists and participants. see some more of jay's photos here

chris harris

chris chris splits his time between editing and greeting/socializing. he does also carry a camera and has gotten some awesome shots because people sometimes seek us out.

derek smith

derek derek is both an amazing photographer and editor. he seems to split his time between the two. as we began this project, he took the lead in helping define our look and process. now that more of us are getting better editing skills, pehaps we'll see him shooting more often?