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about the project

we created a real time art show for figment/boston in 2011 and have continued in 2012 and 2013, expanding to NYC's figment in 2013.

the real time art show is an experiment in social photography. our goal is to create a gallery in real time that gets altered over the course of an event. the project asks figment participants to contribute to the gallery in various ways: as photographers, subjects of photography, and curators of photographs.

during figment, our team roams around, taking photographs of people, art, exhibitions, clouds, pets, anything and everything that we see. as the photographs are taken, our team curates, edits, prints and displays the pictures in our "gallery." as more photographs are taken, more are added to the collection.

participants are invited not to just view the displayed art but to interact with the photographers and photos, blurring the lines between the artists and the subjects. and if they like a particular photo, they are welcome to take it home with them.

as photographers ourselves, we believe that pictures are collaborations. pictures are not created solely by the one pressing the shutter button. photographs require a subject to create an image. photographs require an audience to respond. it is the intersection of these corresponding participants that make art. and figment is the perfect place for this.